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Our Paraffin treatment hands and feet Gift card is the perfect pampering gift for your loved ones. It offers a luxurious treatment that deeply moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin, leaving it soft and supple. This treatment is great for those with dry and cracked skin, arthritis, and general fatigue. Our trained therapists will ensure that the treatment is done safely and effectively, leaving the recipient feeling relaxed and refreshed. Give the gift of indulgence with this Paraffin treatment Gift card. This voucher can be used for one recipient only. Can be redeemed at any time from purchase until 6 months

Paraffin treatment hands and feet


After purchasing our 30-minute gift card, you have the option to either collect it in-store or have it sent to you by post. If you choose to collect it in-store, the voucher booklet will be placed in an envelope for you. To arrange for collection, please call or text us at +447725746587. Alternatively, you can select the post option to have the voucher sent to you.

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