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Spa Relax Massage and Facial Package

Spa Relax Massage and Facial Package | Back or Full body massage

Our luxurious and comprehensive spa package offers

Aromatherapy and hot stone back massage treatment accompanied by a Japanese lifting facial and decollete massage, rejuvenation and relaxation for both the body and the mind. This treatment is designed to alleviate stress, promote overall well-being, and enhance the natural beauty of the individual. Moreover, for those seeking ultimate indulgence, an extended version of this package includes a full-body aromatherapy massage, ensuring a complete and immersive spa experience.

massage and faical treatment
Spa Relax package

Spa relax massage and facial package | Aromatherapy and Hot Stones

Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that utilizes the healing properties of essential oils derived from plants. These oils are carefully selected and blended to create a scent that not only appeals to the senses but also possesses therapeutic qualities. When combined with a hot stone back massage, the effects are heightened, as the warmth from the stones helps to ease muscle tension and promote deep relaxation.


The hot stones back massage treatment

Hot stones
Hot stone massage

involves placing smooth, heated stones on specific points of the back, allowing their warmth to penetrate deep into the muscles. As a result, the muscles loosen, stress is released, and a sense of tranquillity washes over the individual. The combination of aromatherapy and hot stone massage creates a harmonious experience, as the soothing scents of the essential oils permeate the air, enhancing overall relaxation and promoting a sense of calm.

Japanese Lifting facial

Accompanying the back massage is the Japanese lifting facial, a unique and rejuvenating

Japanese lifting facial
Facial and decolette massage

treatment that focuses on revitalizing the face and improving the skin's texture and appearance. This facial incorporates innovative techniques that have been derived from traditional Japanese beauty practices, such as lymphatic drainage and acupressure points. These techniques help to stimulate blood circulation, reduce puffiness, and promote a youthful and radiant complexion.

Decolette massage

Furthermore, the decollete massage is an integral part of this spa package, targeting the often-neglected area of the chest, neck, and shoulders. This massage helps to relieve tension in these areas, improving posture and providing a sense of relaxation. The combination of the decollete massage with the Japanese lifting facial ensures that the entire upper body is revitalized and rejuvenated.

Aromatherapy full body massage treatment, accompanied by a Japanese lifting facial and decollete massage

For those seeking an extended version of this package, a full-body aromatherapy massage is included. This indulgent massage covers the entire body, catering to the individual's specific needs and preferences. The therapist utilizes a variety of techniques, including long, sweeping strokes and gentle kneading, to release tension and promote overall well-being. The selected essential oils heighten the therapeutic benefits of the massage, further enhancing the mind-body connection.

In summary, our Spa Relax massage and facial package the aromatherapy and hot stone back massage treatment, accompanied by the Japanese lifting facial and decollete massage, is a holistic and indulgent spa package. Its combination of essential oils, relaxing massage techniques, and rejuvenating facial treatments promotes physical and mental well-being, enhancing one's natural beauty. Moreover, the extended version of this package, incorporating a full-body aromatherapy massage, provides an even more comprehensive and immersive spa experience. So, treat yourself to this luxurious spa treatment and immerse yourself in the blissful world of pampering and relaxation.

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Full Body Massage / Back Massage Sophiem Beauty And Massage | Northern Ireland | Belfast


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Dec 02, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Amazing! I was so blissed out! Will deffo book again.

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