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Katz Advanced Skin Care

Skin Solutions / Facial Electricals / Radio Frequency / Microneedling and Mesotherapy / Skin Peels


Body Contouring session 

1x 60 minutes minutes Body Contouring session. Used combined machine/manual protocol tailored the client's needs.

We could see the results immediately as the treated area appeared flatter and skin firmer. The client followed post-treatment advise and reported continous fat loss in the treated area within few days following the treatment. 

I encourage my clients to take a course of treatments to see maximum results.

PLEASE NOTE: Contraindications include: Pacemakers, implants in the treatment area, liver and blood diseases, untreated conditions, pregnancy, breastfeeding, infections.

This treatment cannot be performed when the client is on their period.


Radio Frequency

Body Contouring session 


Radio Frequency Facials, Lift Face  C ontour

Electrical Cellular Therapy

Non-surgical Face Lift

• Diminishes wrinkles and  puffiness

• Promotes face slimming

• Removes double chin and jowls, defines jawline

• Reduces eye bags

• Improves skin elasticity, blood and lymph circulation

• Reduces pigmentation, blemishes and post-acne,   evens out skin tone


Radio Frequency Lifting

1 treatment 60 minutes 


Radio Frequency Lifting

This technology uses RF to produce heat within deep layers of the skin. This heat stimulates collagen production and tightens loose skin. It also provides face slimming for those whose face shape changed over time and lifts lower face. It’s painless and requires no downtime.

Making Magic 🪄Only 1 session of our Premium RF Facial

The results speak for themselves.


Radio Frequency Facials, Lift Face C ontour


Skin Cleansing Treatments​

Customers Favorite

Excessive sebum production can cause a lot of discomfort. Clogged pores are caused by dirt, oils and dead skin cells and can lead to breakouts and comedones.

Good cleanse can help minimize breakouts, regulate sebum and give you a fresh feeling.

-Light - Ultrasonic Peel 60 min  £40

Cleanse, Skin Prep w/cold hydration method, Ultrasonic peel, Jet Peel to polish, tone and hydrate, Hydrogel Mask, Protective Cream with SPF - 

-Medium - Hydrafacial 90 min  £55

Cleanse, Skin Prep w/cold hydration method, Ultrasonic peel, Hydradermabrasion, Sonophoresis, Jet Peel to polish, tone and hydrate, Hydrogel Mask, Protective Cream with SPF 

-Deep with Pore Extraction - 120 min  £70

   - Cleanse, Skin Prep w/cold hydration method, Ultrasonic peel, Hydradermabrasion, Pore Extraction, Sonophoresis, Jet Peel to polish, tone and hydrate, Hydrogel Mask, Protective Cream with SPF 


New Microneedling

Less Pain

More Precision

With this amazing Combo you will achieve glowing skin in a short period of time.

Did you know? Microneedling is one of the most popular skin care treatments targeting multiple problems. Why is it so brilliant? It is a conrolled injury to the skin edipermis and dermis layers that induces new skin growth, collagen and elastin production. With sterile serums added to it, nutrients, vitamins and peptides are penetrating your skin leaving it nourished and well maintained.

Is it painful? -It might be slightly uncomfortable. It all depends on your pain threshold and sensitivity. Our new device and high quality thinniest needles makes this treatment very comfortable.

Downtime is usually 1-2 days only and you can get back to your makeup routine in 24 hours. Your skin might get slightly flaky for a few days post treatment.

When i see the results? It depends on individual's skin. Some notice immediate improvement, some need a few treatments to start noticing the results. As with EVERY treatment, consistency is the KEY.


Cleanse and Hydrate - Ultrasonic Facial

60 min £45 

Skin Barrier is essential to lock moisture inside on the skin. When the skin barrier is damaged, it can lead to a number of conditions including dryness, flakiness, sensitivity, burning and itching.

-Ultrasonic Facial - 60 min - Cleanse, Skin Prep w/cold hydration method, Ultrasonic peel, Sonophoresis (no-needle mesotherapy) with Aloe, Jet Peel to polish, tone and hydrate, Hydrogel Mask, Protective Cream with SPF -


Vitamin C Brightening Facial

60 min £40​

Perfect for those with tired or dull skin and those with signs of aging. This Vit C facial is a quick way to get that glowy look by brightening, repairing, smoothing the skin, firming, lifting and reducing the signs of aging. What’s more? It does help lighten dark spots and patches called hyperpigmentation.


Citrus Ascorbic Acid Antioxidant Facial

60 min £50

This amazing antioxidant facial is an instant way to refresh, polish your skin, hydrate and prevent dryness. Ascorbic Acid protects the skin from free radicals and fights photo-aging. It evens out skin complexion and texture, boosts elasticity. It is also a wonderful solution for gentle depigmentation. Perfect before and after sun exposure.



60 min £60

+nano-needles add-on £70 

A complete 4-steps treatment that regenerates and rejuvenates. Non-invasive. No pain. Instant results.

Includes mild Azelaic peel, Renewal serum with nano-needling and a mixture of 2 luxury and deep-treatment masks. This is the one and only treatment that rejuvenates, fights redness, combats dryness, regulates oil production, evens out complexion, reduces fine lines and visibly reduces signs of aging.


Peel and Microneedling Combo  

Peel and Microneedling Combo for Acne and Acne-Scarring/Post-Acne

60 min - £50 1 session

£135 3 Sessions

Those who suffer from breakouts and Post-Acne marks will benefit from our Combined Peel and Microneedling treatment that unclogs the pores, balances sebum production, reduces pore size and promotes new skin cells growth,

Light Peel Acid Combo + Microneedling with Sterile Topical Serum, Hydrogel Mask and Protective Moisturizer - 

Peel and Microneedling Combo - Anti-Aging

60 min - £50 1 session

£135 3 Sessions

A great way to battle signs of aging and promote new collagen and elastin. It reduces wrinkles, diminishes scarring, and tightens or rejuvenates loose or aging skin.

Light Peel Acid Combo + Microneedling with Sterile Topical Serum, Hydrogel Mask and Protective Moisturizer 


Carboxi Express - Carboxy induced facial

60 min £70

An Anti-Ageing treatment that would also benefit those with oily skin. A pain-free treatment that enhances skin tone, battles hyperpigmentation, discharges skin toxins and reduces inflammation. It provides a slimming and skin firming effect, helps battle under-eye bags and moisturizes skin.


Dermaplaning Facial

60 min  £45

A great treatment that removes peach fuzz and dead skin leaving the skin soft and smooth. Accompanied by sonophoresis and Hydrogel mask.


Jessner Chemical Peel w/ TCA 15%

30 min - £45  

Exfoliates, tightens skin, reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, runs collagen and elastin production, reduces hyperpigmentation and signs of melasma. Unclogs pores and reduces their appearance, as well as stops excessive sebum production and irritation/inflammation caused by it.



1 session 30 min Treatment £60

A course of 4 Treatments £200

It is a strong medical device with 35% TCA that requires no downtime meaning you can return to your daily activities straight after the treatment. The treatment can be performed at any time of the year and is suitable for all ages.

It has benefits of both biorevitalization and chemical peel.

What does it do? It exfoliates removing dead skin cells of stratum corneum, it has bacteriostatic agents that banishes acne, it moisturizes the skin, removes hyperpigmentation, acne- and atrophic scars, seborrhoeic dermatitis and hyperkeratosis.

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